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Connected-Dormant, slow speeds, promises broken, Verizon tech not helpful in Tucson

I am extremely frustrated with this Verizon USB 760 modem I have had for several months. I decommed my mobile satellite to use the Verizon, based on their promises. Silly me. It worked great the first month. Then it degraded until I have uninstalled and reinstalled and messed around with the "netowkr diagnostics" pinging, and trying to wake it up, when it constantly goes " connected dormant" and speeds go to slower than dial up. 

I finally called Verizon support and the result of their "investigation" was that they  said this was a "trouble area' and maybe I needed to purchase an outside antenna...  "SCUZE ME"  but that is crap!  Why do  customers get the run around and get treated like **bleep**? How is it that this modem worked fine for a month or so and then degraded?


I am in Tucson. A friend of mine in Louisville KY has the same problem as I do under the same time frame and experience. I do not believe that Verizon is being honest about the problem. I think that they are expending their efforts and upgrades and tweaking towards their new 4G or whatever offering it is that is coming out later this year to compete with Sprint.  If they have people unsatisfied with this servicxe, we will have to upgrade to the new faster service???  Great marketing strategy.


I would appreciate FOR ONCE, that I will not to have to expend endless hours trying to download my hotmail, but cannot because the connection is dormant or is so slow, r to attempt to view a video, or search a website with speeds that are causeing me to scream in frustration. I wish I had a escape chute when I am on Verizon on hte internet.


My Droid cell phone speeds are usually great. So why is the mobile USB modem so darn slow???


I am going to try an experiment with using the tether capability of my Droid at some point.


I would like to charge Verizon for MY time spent troubleshooting this piece of crap device/ internet service... They couldn't afford me!  I do not appreciate spending $60.00 a month for the crappy service and llack of technical support to fix it except for someone to tell me I need to buy an outside antenna. I know I am not far from a tower. It is maybe 1 mile at MOST as the crow flies. 


I am getting fed up and will be looking for alternatives. I will also be complaining to the FCC and Consumer Potection Agency if these issues are not resolved without me having to spend endless calls and months seeking resolution. 


If there are ANY knowledgeable technicians on this forum, who can troubleshoot and solve this problem,  I would appreciate you having a go at  it. I am fed up.



Re: in addition...

Well, I connected my Droid, using

{edit for TOS violation}

, which uses the data connection through Verizon, last night, and guess what? The speeds were incredibly fast!!!  What a surprise.:-(    No connected-dormant problems


The USB 760 is a piece of garbage... it doesn't work and wasn't  as promised.


What does Verizon have to say about that??


They haven't  touched this yet!

Re: in addition...

NOT to mention I am also travlinrose and when I tried to get back on the forum, the Verizon website kept trying to reregister me, but would not let me use my original valid sign in and email.


Verizon is not a world class company like I thought. I am still waiting for someone from Verizon to contact me. The problem has not gone away... where are the competent techs???

In addition II

travlinrose/rzchoochoo again...


Just an update. I have filed a complaint with the FCC as of this morning. I am tired of messing around with  faceless corporate entities, who use "customer service" as a tool of avoiding dealing with the real problems, until the customer has called over and over, or ins some cases for 7 months as I read in another  post. I will not be subjected to that. I have been a customer of Verizon before it existed,  as a Cingular customer since I worked for AT&T  back in 1992 and I know a lot about this "business." 


Evasion and nonsensical answers, like "Buy an outside antenna" isn't going to cut it.


I still get no response from any technicians, eh?


I will be composing a letter to those posted big wigs are Verizon corporate central next. Thank you to whoever posted the list. (z4alltel)

I encourage others who have had continuous problems to do the same.  You can complain on the website in a snap. DO IT. Enough of this nonsense!



Re: In addition II

I have finally heard from a Verizon technician who is going to "look at my account and see what is going on." 

It is pretty poor corporate standards that one has to file a complaint with the FCC and complain on a community board to get a company to fulfill their responsibility to deliver what they promise and what I pay for.


i have noticed that the although it isn't fixed, it has been better since I have posted these rants. Sad but true that this is what it takes.


That is all I am asking. Give me what you promised and what I paid for-- nothing more and nothing less. JUST DO IT.  GET TO TWEAKING! Thank you.


Re: In addition II



I may be able to help a bit if you can provide a bit of information.  Yes, my thought was the USB760 is crap at first.  Now, mine works a bit better.  If you will, (if you haven't given up or gotten so frustrated you don't want to) give me the following information:
1.  What Operating System do you have including the Service Packs if Windows. 2. Are you using the VZAccess Manager or the Mobilink3 software? 3. Which, if any Antivirus program do you use? Which firewall is in use also? i.e. windows 4. Do you have any programs for syncing either offline or otherwise such as activesync, dropbox, HTC, some droid apps or drivers, etc.? 5. Have you had any other devices/software for them installed or used on this computer before? 6. What is the signal strength? the actual number i.e. -80dbm Rev A 7. What are your exact speeds detected through or otherwise?
If you use VZAccess Manager, go to Options>Power off device then go back and select Power on device .
Go to the Windows Control Panel>Phone and Modem, under the Modems tab give me the number of devices listed and the COM number it is attached to.
Go to Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections tab>give me the connections listed in the VPN or dialup box.

Also, make sure you have the Novatel Wireless Firmware update installed on your system.

I will do my best to help you if you are willing to submit this information. Also, see if VZ will check your server connection and give you the detailed information on last connection and if it was Rev A or National Access, etc.