Connection Issue #1 and #2

Ok i tried everything with verizon tech support but couldnt get any help.Using MiFi 2200 by the way.


My first connection issue is that i cant connect to the internet while the MiFi is connected to my laptop via usb cable it says connection failed- connection not found. Found out that the problem was that the MiFi isnt making the national access-broadband access connection in my Network and Internet -> Network Connection i got this mifi last week and it worked fine connecting to the internet while connected to my laptop via usb, this problem just started this tuesday that just passed. Couldnt find a way to make it install that thing in there. i tried everything.



Connection issue #2:


Since i cant connect to the web with my mifi using the usb cable, verzion tech support said "oh since it wont connect like that just use it and wifi mode". Which i have been doing this but since i started doing this for some stupid reason vzam randomly decides to disconnect me while in wifi mode every few sec's/min's randomly. Couldnt find a reason why and verizon tech support didnt help our either. And this is frustrating cause each time i get disconnected while in wifi mode i have to restart my laptop cause vzam wont recognize the mifi in wifi mode unless i restart my laptop which is stupid. And while posting this message i had to restart my laptop 3 times lucky i copied and pasted most of this on a file so i didnt have to retype this every time. Someone plz help since verizon doesnt seem to care one bit and im not paying verizon $60 a month to just be disconnected.

Re: Connection Issue #1 and #2
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There are several threads here about this same issue.  Just read through them and you'll find out what others have tried.  My suggestion to all of you who have the mifi is to swap it for a USB760 and purchase a CradlePoint router if you need/want wifi.