Connection Issue

I've recently been working on a friends Pantec 150 USB modem trying to get it connected to his desktop computer(old dell model) running win2k. The software installs perfectly fine. When trying to connect it will make its connection. When I try to pull up a webpage sometimes it will display the first page i try to go to but then the next will return page can not be displayed. All in all the connection will pull down 14kb of data and no more. I tried to go in and remove any traces of the EarthLink software from his computer. Still would do the same thing or not display a webpage at all. The same behavior is in safemode with networking also. I called Verizon tech support and the tech recommended updating the VZAccess manager from 6.7 to 6.9 so i did that and still did that same thing. At this point i started to think that there could be a problem with the device itself. So i setup the software on my system and plugged in the card and was instantly on the internet and could browse which ever page i wanted. So this tells me that the issue is with my friends computer. I went back and mirrored all the settings from my system to his system but still will only pull down one page if any. Ive uninstalled the VZaccess Manager and ran driver sweeper to clean up the install and reinstalled but still does the same thing. Disabled the firewall that didnt help. Ran virus/spyware scans and nothing was found. Ive kinda of hit a wall on what to try next. Every little networking tweak and fix i know of has been no help. Ive never seen anything like this before. Any Ideas....i have a scheduled call back from the tech i was working with the other night and chances are he will say that this is not verizons problem since it works on another computer and not the one its intended for. I know i could not tell them that it works on another system but thats withholding a good piece of info.


Thanks In advance

Re: Connection Issue
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Maybe it's time to upgrade to a new computer.