Connection Problems with MFI 4510L

I just upgraded from my mifi 2200 and are starting to regret it.  My new hotspot does both 3g and 4g however i live right on the outter band of the 4g so it constantly is switching back and forth between the 2 different speeds.  My bigger problem is each time it switches i lose my internet connection to "local only" for upwards of 5 minutess.  This would be just a little frusterating if it didn't switch upwards of 30 times an hour, sometimes switching back while computer is trying to connect to the other therefore extending my inablility to connect to the internet.  Anyone found a way to either just let it stay on 3g until 4g is more widely available in my area or make it so i do not lose the connection while it switching back and force?

Re: Connection Problems with MFI 4510L
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Use 3G only

  1. Power on the MiFi
  2. Connect to the MiFi
  3. Navigate to http://mifi.admin
  4. Sign into the MiFi
  5. Click the WWAN tab
  6. Click the More link at the bottom of the page
  7. Change the WWAN Preferred Mode from Global to CDMA Auto
  8. Click Apply
  9. Test your connection

Also, since you mention you are in a 3G/LTE shared area I highly suggest updating the firmware on your MiFi to the most recent 2.28 version.  Firmware updates are very effective when it comes to deciding which network to connect to.