Constant disconnects using VZ Mgr

:smileysad: I really am tired of having to retype everything due to being erased here.

This is my only alternative to dial up and not at $60 a month I am constantly being disconnected from on line. What a pain! Never had that on dial up with aol. The tech support never knows what is going on and both times I have called there is no solution apparently. All the last guy said is he will watch.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I am using a desk top comp and not on a router or anything. I have not used the USB port prior so that should be fine.

 I just got this VZManager late March and all was fine unitl the entire month of May and now started to regularly knock me off again. Thank you

Re: Constant disconnects using VZ Mgr
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In order to narrow down possible fixes, you will need to provide a little additional information.


If you can, provide the following information, this will give a good start to a resolution:


1. Which Operating System including the Service Pack are you using?  i.e. Windows Vista, 7, XP or a Mac.

2. Which device do you have?

3. Which anti virus and firewall program do you use?

4. Do you have any syncing software that you use on a normal basis? i.e. for syncing cellphone, dropbox, activesync, etc.

5. What is the signal strength?  Determine this by hovering your mouse pointer over the top of the Green signal bars in the lower left section of the VZAccess Manager.

6. When the problems began, did you notice if any software updates to either the VZAccess or to the Operating System were installed?


This will give me a starting point and of  course there may be additional settings, information needed to further research.


Also, when it "disconnects" are you actively browsing, have you been on the same page for a bit, is it during a certain time of day? 


Note anything that may be happening at the time of the disconnect that may help associate the problem.

Re: Constant disconnects using VZ Mgr

I've got no dog in this hunt, but really... noone responded to this guy for a month and a half?  I am new to this community just this week, but it let's me know what to expect in the future.  I don't think this forum should be listed under "Support".