Disappointed with Verizon

I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile a few months ago and I have had nothing but headaches. I am a truck driver so when I switched I got a new Galaxy Nexus and a Jetpack. They didn't tell me that I could do mobile hot spot on my phone AND get 22 gb of data for $100 so I was paying $30 for 4 gb on my phone and $80 for 10 gb on my jetpack. They wouldn't fix it so I had to disable the jetpack for a while until I can disconnect it and stuff. Also, I had to change my plan because I didn't know I would talk on the phone so much. My first bill ended up at close to $400. They lowered it to $320 because there was an error on there end and they are working with me to pay it off which is great. However, I still think its messed up that they didn't inform me on the double 4g data so now I will have to pay the $175 disconnect fee for my jetpack plus pay for the jetpack as I can't send it back. Also, my service SUCKS. I'll be talking to a friend as I'm rollin down the freeway and my service will just die. He is going down the freeway to and his phone never dies, he has AT&T. Its always mine. Plus, I'll be playing WoW or something and my internet will just shut off and come back on a few minutes later. Right now I'm sitting in Albuquerque and I'm on 4g but its slow as HELL. I've been on 3g services much faster then this 4g. I can't even watch youtube in 240p without letting it load forever. I keep getting disconnected from WoW. Overall, I am VERY disappointed with the so called "best cell service provider".

Re: Disappointed with Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon DemonSlayer.

Getting the most for what you're paying for is definitely important, which includes Customer Service!  I would feel just as frustrated, (to say the least), if all of the best options available to me were not clearly explained or offered to me.  I'm happy to take a look at your account, plan(s), and options, and hopefully we can come to a good resolution.  Please follow me and send me a Direct Message with your 10-digit mobile number, and I will follow up with you.

Thank you,

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