Dropping signals suddenly

I was an Altel cusomer for years and was adopted by Verizon. We live in a rural area.  We have had good signal service with our broadband and cell phones for years. About 3 months ago we suddenly started experiencing dropped signals and a lot of difficulty staying online long enough to even get through our emails. Customer support sent a new plugin modem but it didn;t help. Then I got a call from Verizon technical support. I was told that they had adjusted the tower signals and not to expect it to get any better. She said they would let me out of my contract. I really have no other service to turn to.

We are right in the middle of two towers. They are about 7 miles in either direction.

I would like for someone to explain to me why the service would get worse instead of better when Verizon took over Altel's clientale. We never had this problem before.

Re: Dropping signals suddenly
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On all devices on your account perform a PRL update by dialing *228 from the handsets and select option 2 to update coverage on the devices.