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EDGE OF RAIN MOVING AROUND 3G service degrading

Is anyone else in Rural area experiencing horrible service? It is worse than the dialup days here.  Last summer things in exact same location were going great with USB 760 and decent speeds.  Now it sees the mobile at connect but switches to national access right away where it takes minutes to load a page.  Any way to tell it I don't want to bother if it isn't 3g? How does VZ get worse? I spoke with Tech Support and was told I am on the edge of the rainstorm or something.  The map on VZ web pages continues to show nuttin' but nice red full coverage for 3G like it did last summer? 

Re: EDGE OF RAIN MOVING AROUND 3G service degrading

I have had a broadband signal for about 5% of the time for three days in a row. I downloaded a 16.6mb file yesterday, TOOK 25 MINUTES.  I downloaded a 32mb file yesterday, TOOK 57 MINUTES.  AVERAGED ABOUT 10kbs.  Our cellphones still run the gamut of signal strength, FROM 1 BAR TO 5 BARS, CHANGING EVERY COUPLE OF MINUTES.  I initiated a trouble ticket on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, #4168339, AND HAVE NOT SEEN ANY IMPROVEMENT IN MY SERVICE. I get the same thing when I log on, see an EVDO signal, then as soon as it connects it drops the EVDO and all I have is the 1X, which is actually slower than the old dialup days.  Web pages take forever to load, I get kicked off the system and have to log back on.  Verizon does not seem to care about this problem.  You're about the 5th person to complain in this forum in the past week, so it's not just one person's equipment.  They have a problem.  They need to fix the problem.

Re: EDGE OF RAIN MOVING AROUND 3G service degrading-- RESOLVED!!!!!

Here is a good one.  I cannot sign back in as myself for some reason so didn't see the response.  I did finally get a call from Verizon after I solved the problem myself.  I spent a lot of time on the phone and got nowhere.  Finally in desperation I uninstalled the VZ Manager software and started all over, let it upgrade over and over during the install and bingo - back to mobile broadband, no more national access.  Service has been great ever since.  Did the same thing on the other pc in the house with exactly the same perfect result.  The technician with the service ticket called a couple of days later mystified how I was suddently getting such good service because they could see the logs and I told him.  He said that is one of the first things phone support should have had me do so there we go. No explanation why but somehow the "refresh" on towers seems to have done the trick.