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Ellipsis MHS800L losing connectivity

We're having trouble with our Jetpack in zipcode 66049.  It loses its connectivity every few minutes and all devices (laptop, iPad, etc) connected to it lose connectivity also.  Checking the trouble shooting system log, the log is recording a SIM State and PIN Status change when the connectivity is lost.  The time stamp of the event changes from the current date/time to midnight on Oct 7 2003 indicating a data interruption serious enough to cause the internal clock on the Jetpack to reset itself.

We took the Jetpack to Denver and had absolutely no issues with connectivity, so we believe the interference is localized.  We have no issues with device connectivity when we enable our phones to be mobile hotspots.  To me this indicates an interference that only affects the Jetpack and in our area. 

We took the Jetpack to a restaurant about three miles away and tried connecting an iPad to it; the results were the same: we could not remain connected.  To me this indicates that the interference is not in my home.

Please help.

Re: Ellipsis MHS800L losing connectivity

Great troubleshooting info.  Your feedback should have correctly isolated the situation down you the combination of your Jetpack in your home service area. 

First thing to try would be resetting the Jetpack and running it with the defaults.  Run the same test from home and see if the behavior persists.  Next, search online for any new Firmware updates.  If there are any then download and install them from the instructions that are provided online.  Jot down your observations as its likely they will be requested for the next step.

After that you will have to work with VZW for a replacement or similar model.  VZW will likely ask you to perform the first two steps for confirmation.  Just get through it so that you can move on to what you really want to try.  Perhaps a different Jetpack model would perform better in the same situation.  If you have warranty remaining on your current Jetpack then VZW can assist you with this process.  I think this is where you will likely end up and is your greatest chance of success.

Last line of defense would be to experiment with antennas and amplifier kits.  However, I believe you will have poor results here considering your experiment with the restaurant.  It may just be that the local towers in this area are overloaded and cannot cooperate with the functions of a Jetpack very well.  Considering your VZW phones behave correctly its unlikely that VZW is going to put resources behind sending techs and investigating the problem either.

Re: Ellipsis MHS800L losing connectivity
Customer Support

shadling, we appreciate all the attention to details in your original posts. This is very helpful and will certainly come in handy as we get down to the root issue. Based on your testing in three different locations and that you’re not experiencing any data issues when using the phones as mobile hotspots, it certainly does seem to isolate the jetpack only. Can you tell us when you first started to experience this issue with the jetpack?


We can also confirm that we have no reported outages in the 66049 area at this time. You’ve mentioned that you’ve come across the issue at home and in a restaurant as well. May we ask if you’ve had a chance to test the connection outdoors to see if you’re able to get better results?


As John has mentioned above, checking for a software update certainly wouldn’t hurt at this point. You can learn how to check for updates here: and we’d also like to ask if you’ve noticed a change to the signal on the jetpack when it does lose the connectivity?


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