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Is there an HDMI cable that would connect my mifi to my television?  I found some cables with the small end but they only fit a cell phone.

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No, there are no HDMI cables that can connect between your MiFi and your TV.  The MiFi is a wireless only device, you cannot transmit data on any kind of cable unless it is a firmware update.

You will need to hook up a few extra pieces of equiptment if you want your MiFi to connect to your TV.  This setup depends on what your TV is capabile of connecting to and the ports that are provided.  You need some kind of conversion device which can convert wireless into a audio/visual cabled connection.  Some examples would be a stereo reciever with built in WiFi, a media center or some other kind of hybrid conversion device.  Its not going to be cheap or easy if you dont already have the equiptment.

What I suggest instead is that you connect your MiFi to a computer, and then the computer to your TV (which is what I do at home).  Most TV's with HDMI also have VGA inputs for computer monitors which turns your TV into a projector for your computer.  That way your computer is connected to the MiFi and displays the image on the TV.

Here is a diagram:

MiFi  ))))))wireless)))))) Computer ====VGA=== TV

That being said please be careful about your data plan if you intend to use it to watch TV at home.  Watching video content of any kind is how most people get into trouble with thier data plans and the limits they pay for.  Most people dont understand what thier data consumption habits are like until its too late. 

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Ok here is another option your original question did not have to much info to go on, so I will try to cover as much info as possible.

If you are trying to stream movies, netflix, hula etc.  and you want to use the MIFI and if your tv has only an ethernet port you can get the PepWave Surf Mini  (MIFI---PepWave Surf Mini----> TV)


If your trying to play AVI, MVK Movies that you have on an a Micro SD card,  you can use a Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter but only on Android Devices like the samsung galaxy 2 you need the phone to have a built in player which the samsung galaxy 2 does.