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Having trouble with the Hotspot when I am at home it rarely gets 4G LTE , I get 3G that keeps switching Back

I would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem I am having ? I live in an area that is suppose to be 4G LTE area but rarely get it on my hotspot . Instead I get 3G that switches back & forth with 1K and freezes ? I have had a hard reset , SIMS card change & Unit Change is anyone else having these problems ! I am about to dump the hotspot in favor of satellite internet service !

Re: Having trouble with the Hotspot when I am at home it rarely gets 4G LTE , I get 3G that keeps switching Back

The first thing to try is always the resets. Sounds like you performed them all which is a good start.  That tells us the problem is not something temporary with the device or the local towers.  Chances are there is an environmental issue that needs to be identified.

The best way to identify environmental issues is to perform a site survey.  Site survey's walk a user through the wireless environment to take performance samples.  As you explore your environment you will map out the good and bad areas of performance.  Sometimes a site survey reveals an entire environment is bad in which case you have to travel to a different environment to compare and find where the bad performance starts and ends.

Site Survey:

Use this information in addition to the VZW coverage map.  The coverage map should be somewhat reliable in determining if you are in a full 4G LTE area as opposed to an extended service area where nothing is garunteed.

VZW coverage map:

When you have collected all the information then post back your findings so we can suggest where to go next.  Sometimes you need to rearrange your environment.  Sometimes you need to replace the device.  Sometimes you need to contact VZW to have them send a tower tech to your area.  It will all depend on what you can discover and present as evidence.