Home Fusion / Cantanna Issue

I have just started a trial of the Home Fusion service via an installed Cantanna and router.  There are some issues.  First the speeds are very low.  However at the site of the Cantina I receive speed tests 6 to 7 times faster then the speed in my home via the Home Fusion wi-fi.  In other words on my roof I place my phone to LTE do a speed test and receive 10-12 Mbps downloads.  Once in my home and switching my phone to the Home Fusion wi-fi I receive anywhere from .2 to 3.5 mbps downloads. 

The light on the cantanna is generally red.  I have rebooted, checked connections etc.  Verizon feels I should be seeing at least a 5 Mbps download.

Any thoughts

Re: Home Fusion / Cantanna Issue
Community Leader
Community Leader

I don't have any thoughts on why the speed tests are slow.  Other than testing there is not reason for your phone to use the WiFi created by the LTE Internet Installed Device (Home Fusion).  You will use up your data allowance for that device that much faster.

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