Homefusion overage and connection issues
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How can I set the homefusion router up to just pass through. I can connect to a decent router and then can track usage per device.

I am sick of overages. In looking @ Verizon's website there are 2 times in 1 day where in less than an hour 9 GB and 5 GBs were downloaded without any change in use no streaming just reading a book and studying.

Now my router is has to be rebooted pretty much anytime you need to used the internet. Luckily I can reboot from the webpage and don't have to climb into the attic every time.

Good news is because the signal is always down the overages stopped.

Please Verizon if you fix your router make sure you had some per device data tracking.

Anybody have other ideas?

I have seen similar complaints I like the speed just need to have better monitoring and limits.

It cheaper for me to setup dsl @ much slower rate for 90% of browsing and just use on demand for whatever reason.

Re: Homefusion overage and connection issues

I second your question!

We've had HF since Feb 2014.  Usage was huge the first month as we were hopeful we could stream.  We quickly stopped, but data usage remained high about the first 6 weeks of service.  It then mysteriously dropped to a reasonable level and we easily stayed below our cap without constant attention for about 2 months and I stopped checking daily.  I got the 90% used message yesterday, half way through our month.  On May 17, 2014, there was a step change and we went from miniscule (on the order of 0.1 E-5) usage during off hours to over 0.1 GB every time increment, regardless of the time of day.  We used 10 GB in 3 days with no change in usage habits.  Everyone knows we can't stream.  I called VZN customer service and was told that we probably have cheaters in our house streaming. The data usage is what it is and they would not acknowlege the obvious step change in data usage.  There is no way to monitor individual device usage to disprove the CSR's alegation, so I'm stuck.  He suggested tracking usage on each device individually.  But would they really believe that?  I doubt it.  A second router with tracking would potentially be more credible, if not to VZN, to the FCC.  I love everything about HF except the data cap and faulty data metering.  I also can't stand the lack of control that comes from insufficient monitoring.  We have fast reliable internet but the attention required to make it stretch to 30 days is killing me.  We've turned everything off and will only turn it on as needed for the next 2 weeks to try to conserve our remaining 3 of 30 GB.  This is so annoying since we pay 2x what I paid in town for hardwired internet service.

Enough ranting.

I'd love instructions on how to set up an external data monitor and/or a way to reset, filter, or somehow control the existing device to keep it from going off the rails.  There are so many similar complaints, this is obviously a known issue.  Why hasn't VZN done something about it?!  Has any filed a complaint with the FCC?