Importing Contacts

I am looking for the format for the .csv file to import contacts.  I have exported contacts from outlook and have spent hours on the phone with support, but it will not import on the website.  If I remove the header row, then I get a message that all contacts must have a lastname and firstname.  With the header row in place I don't get an error message, but I also don't get presented with any contact records to import.  I have brought the file down to 1 or 2 lines without success, I have removed extraneous columns, reordered columns to match the website, and have changed column headers to match the website.  Still nothing.


If anybody has had success, can you please open the file in notepad and post the details of at least the header row, and a row of data?




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Re: Importing Contacts

Ref. p 135 of the User Guide. I copied and pasted the following from that. It really should be 5 horizontal colums (3 rows each), but I can't paste it using that layout here, so I pasted it vertically.


First Name





Last Name





Email Address


Street Address

55 Main St., Irving, TX 75038

23 Main St., Irving, TX 75038

99 Main St., Irving, TX 75038






Re: Importing Contacts

Actually, I think there is weirdness in the way outlook exports to CSV. I was on tech support with Verizon, we both have same version of Outlook & service packs, but when he did his export the columns were different and in different places. what I finally got to work was to use the folllowing as the column values:


Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix E-mail Address E-mail 2 Address E-mail 3 Address Primary Phone Home Phone Home Phone 2 Mobile Phone Pager Home Fax Home Address Home Street Home Street 2 Home Street 3 Home Address PO Box Home City Home State Home Postal Code Home Country Spouse Children Manager's Name Assistant's Name Referred By Company Main Phone Business Phone Business Phone 2 Business Fax Assistant's Phone Company Job Title Department Office Location Organizational ID Number Profession Account Business Address Business Street Business Street 2 Business Street 3 Business Address PO Box Business City Business State Business Postal Code Business Country Other Phone Other Fax Other Address Other Street Other Street 2 Other Street 3 Other Address PO Box Other City Other State Other Postal Code Other Country Callback Car Phone ISDN Radio Phone TTY/TDD Phone Telex User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4 Keywords Mileage Hobby Billing Information Directory Server Sensitivity Priority Private Categories FIELD 89


"Title" had to be the first column, or I could get names but no email or phone number info!


Hope that helps too!