Jetpack 890L not connecting

My Dad has an older Toshiba running windows and I bought my Mom an iPad. They are in a cabin and don't have access to phone lines. They have 3 bars of 3G on their 890 L. When turned on the iPad connected immediately but the speed was slow, a little faster than my iPad on Verizon service. My Dad was using a Verizon USB modem and he disconnected it and unplugged the device. He hooked up through VZ Access manager which I read did not work with this hotspot. He got very slow wi-fi signal until he deleted the VZ Access app on his laptop. Now he can't connect at all to the 890L. He took his laptop over to his neighbor and immediately signed on to his network. Is there some kind of app he needs from Verizon to run with the 890L? If not any other suggestions?


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The 890L does not require software of any kind in order to create and maintain a connection.  All you do is select it from the list of wireless access points on your device and let it go. 

Slow speeds do not have anything to do with the connection software, speed is the result of your reception in a particular area.  As your parents moved around they exposed them selves to a better signal and thus improved the speed.  Hotspots can also get a little tired if you leave them on for too long.  I'd suggest not only moving around your environment but also rebooting the hotspot when you notice slow speeds.

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I just had an issue with my 890L. After using it for a month, it suddenly wouldn't connect with my laptop. Same deal, went to my sister's house and was able to connect to her wifi. After a rather tedious chat with ZTE's sevice guy, pressing the reset button on the back of the 890 for 10 seconds fixed it.