Jetpack Connection Problem

When I connected to the jetpack for the first time everything worked fine. My salesman said i should turn off jetpack when not in use. After that each time i try to connect i have to restart my computer before my computer will recognize the wireless network. My jetpack is set to automatically connect. so what am i doing wrong?

Re: Jetpack Connection Problem
Champion - Level 1

Please confirm which Jetpack model that you have.  Also, confirm the OS of the computer that you are trying to connect to the Jetpack.

If your computer cannot recognize the Jetpack's wireless network then your computer may be misconfigured or out of date.  You should consider wiping out your wireless profiles and starting over again incase you have a conflict in that area.  We can send you steps once we know what OS you have if you need assistance.

Wireless Network cards like the one installed in your computer commonly search the airspace for acceptable WiFi signals.  When a computer fails to update itself and "see" new networks it often needs to be manually refreshed by pressing a refresh button, or as you have already discovered by rebooting the computer. 

It also could be a coincidence that you have recently rebooted the Jetpack and your computer has not had enough time to naturally find the WiFi signal before you give up and reboot.  Sometimes you just have to wait a little and refresh the list of available neworks before the Jetpack is ready to accept incoming connections.