LTE usb dongle Cellular data usage

I have a USB LTE dongle plugged into a firewall for 4G backup and now we have a disaster and data is running via LTE now.

I check Verzion portal and see the usage is 540MB from yesterday 11pm to today 5pm but from my firewall, I see only 108MB data transmitted including both download and upload. Why there is a big difference between two records?

Thanks for the answers in advance.

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Re: LTE usb dongle Cellular data usage
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> Why there is a big difference between two records?

Perhaps the scope of the records you are comparing are not on the same level?  VZW reports data based on the end of the billing cycle.  Your firewall may be reporting data on the last 24/48/xdays and may not match up correctly.

Are there any options to take smaller samples in your firewall?  Ideally you would want to compare individual data sessions from the VZW report with a comparable report on your firewall.  You would also want to run something from a connected client to create and capture specific chunks of data.

When I tested Glasswire for accuracy I downloaded a small file sharing/bandwidth testing tool.  I then passed 1 MB temp files back and forth between various local and remote machines to see if the Glasswire meter was accurate.  In my testing I found that Glasswire was not able to correctly interpret my VPN data and was double booking everything.  Glasswire confirmed that was a bug in their software and our VPN client which hasn't been resolved.  But I learned how to filter out the results to allow me to accurately filter out the VPN overhead that was fooling Glasswire.

Powering the USB modem on and off is a quick way to terminate a given data session.  A scenario to test would be to connect a client, connect the USB modem, fire off a 1 MB test file to a remote machine over the VZW network, turn off USB modem and compare logs.  Confirm 100 MB left your machine, passed through the firewall and was interpreted correctly by VZW once their report updates in a few hours.  Slowly increase the scope of your app testing from there to isolate any problems in those areas.