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Location based apps on Ipad 3 connected to Jetpack 4620L

I recently acquired an Ipad 3 with wifi.  It worked successfully with our Jetpack 4620L for a few weeks, including location based apps such as traffic, weather radar, news etc.  Then we went out of town for the weekend and I took both devices with me.  I noticed that while on the road I couldn't get the location based apps to work on my ipad, even though I could otherwise use the internet.  In other words, my Ipod apps couldn't figure out where I was like when I was at home.  Once we got to  a hotel with wifi the location based apps worked fine.

Since returning home, none of my location based apps can find our location anymore.  I think this is something to do with the GPS in the jetpack since if connected to another wifi source they work fine.

I've made sure the GPS over wifi setting is clicked for the jetpack.  I've done hard restarts/resets on both devices.  Nothing has worked.  When I checked the settings for GPS for the jetpack it said I needed a download, but says nothing about Ipad, just computers.

My questions are:

1.  Why, if the location services worked fine before, will they not work now?

2.  How can I get them to work again? 

Re: Location based apps on Ipad 3 connected to Jetpack 4620L
Customer Support

Have you tried disabling and re-enabling your Location Services on the iPad? This is found under settings. That may help force your iPad into establishing a GPS signal connection. You may also have to reconfigure it for different applications like Maps or the Camera for geotagging purposes.

Let us know if this helps!

Thank you,


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