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Does anyone, know how many MBs online games like World of Warcraft and the like use?

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The best way to know this will be to log into your account before you play and to write down your usage. then after you play for a set time limit such as an hour then log back in to track your usage. Hope this helps.

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From what I understand, it would be best to actually download the game, including patches (wow, lotro, etc.) from a wifi access point.  I was told from a friend that playing the game on mobile broadband doesn't actually use up much during gameplay.  


Is there any other information about the usage available, even an estimate? I came here for this exact same answer myself, but I can't afford to test it and see, just in case it does use up all my mb for the month.. Im a student, $50 is alot of money. :smileyhappy: 

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Hi guys,


I actually do a lot of xbox live gaming on my MIFI.  Here's what I have found out.  It uses about 25MB per hour.  So you can play a little less than 4 hours and it will use 100 MB.  I have been studying this for 3 months.  I wrote down when I logged on to xbox live and when I logged off.  I used my connection strictly for xbox live only so I could inform other people that it is possible to use the MIFI for online gaming.


Here's my situation:


I did not want to spend the money on a wireless adapter (microsoft money-making scheme).  Instead, I tether my MIFI device to my desktop PC and then share my connection to my xbox. At first I had trouble getting the xbox to recognize the IP address but I learned to start the computer, connect device, connect to internet, and then start the xbox which took care of the problem.


I have been playing a lot of Halo:REACH which still only uses 25MB per hour.  But I was bored the other day and popped in GTA IV which only used 15MB per hour!!  I think this is due to the fact the map was pretty well preloaded.


It is doable as long as you monitor your usage which is sometimes difficult when verizon gets behind on updating their accounts but people need to use common sense.  If you watched 25 youtube videos the day before its probably a good idea to stay off xbox live for a day to make sure you don't use up your 5GB limit.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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How much data is it?
1 email (text only) = 20 KB
1 email attachment = 300 KB
1 web page = 180 KB
1 App/Game/Song = 3 MB
1 minute of streaming video = 4 MB
1 minute of streaming music = 1.25 MB
1 Photo download/upload = 500 KB

1 MB = 1,024 KB, 1 GB = 1,024 MB

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To help answer the question, here are some examples of what typical 'downloads' eat up in bandwidth:

Activity/DownloadFile SizeX*
1 email10 KB500,000
1 webpage visit to EVDOinfo.com150 KB33,333
1 downloaded song from iTunes4 MB1,250
1 digital photo (point & shoot digital camera)3 MB1,666
1 digital photo (pro / prosumer digital camera)10 MB500
1 typical 3 minute video on YouTube/Google5 MB1,000
1 hour of 56k audio stream25 MB200 hrs
1 typical 5 minute video on iTunes30 MB167
1 typical 45-minute TV show from iTunes200 MB25
1 hour of MagicJack phone call @ 128kb/s56 MB89 hrs
1 hour of Skype phone call @ 64kb/s28 MB178 hrs
1 hour of Skype video chat @ 384kb/s169 MB30 hrs
1 hour of World of Warcraft online gaming32 MB156 hrs
1 hour of Netflix Standard Definition stream660 MB7.5 hrs
1 hour of Netflix High Definition stream1.67 GB3 hrs
1 Full-length (2 hours) movie MPEG4 download1.5 GB3
1 entire DVD (MPEG-2) disk image4.5GB1
1 hour of Hulu Standard Definition stream350 MB14 hrs
1 hour of Slingbox Standard Definition stream444 MB11 hrs
1 hour of Ustream Viewing192 MB26 hrs
1hour of Ustream Broadcasting102 MB49 hrs
1 hour of Xbox/PS3/Wii Online Gaming [Average]50 MB100 hrs
1 hour of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection60 MB83 hrs
1 iBook download for iPad [Average]0.5 MB10,000
1 episode on ABC Player for iPad [1hr episode]183 MB27
1 hour of Pandora Radio streaming27 MB185 hrs
1 hour of AOL Radio streaming50 MB100 hrs
1 hour of Facetime 2-way video calling on iPhone 490 MB55.5 hrs