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MIFI 4GLTE & Broadband Internet Issues - Please Help

I recently purchased the MIFI and 4G internet wireless plan.

I live in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.  The signal is not very stable.  The device is constantly going from good with many bars; to bad and no bars at all which hangs the internet up....

Is there anything that I could to fix this?  I know the limitations of cellular networks, but thought the 4G network was supposed to be relatively strong. As of now, the quality I have been getting as far as signal, really has more been like "dial up" and not "broadband".

Any help is really appreciated!



Re: MIFI 4GLTE & Broadband Internet Issues - Please Help

Make sure you have it in front of a window, even if it is in the restroom. I have noticed it gets better reception.

Re: MIFI 4GLTE & Broadband Internet Issues - Please Help


Probally the most helpful thing you can do for a MiFi in a 4G area is make sure the firmware is updated to 2.23.  You should be able to look up the firmware version by accessing the MiFI Admin web page and looking under the diagnostics screen. Let me know if you need the specific steps.

If you could share some numbers with us that would be great.  Try going out to and run a few tests.  A LTE signal should be above 5Mbps, anything else normally points towards a service problem in the area, hardware replacement or a temp issue that is correctable with the various levels of resets.

Re: MIFI 4GLTE & Broadband Internet Issues - Please Help
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La0615, I would love to help with this issue. As John Getzke mentioned, I suggest updating the software. There is an even newer version 2.28, just released yesterday. The new update improves data connection in 3G and 4G areas. Have you used your device in other areas or only at home? Are your results the same in other areas? Like rufustoad suggested, try using the device near a window or different locations in the house to see if your signal improves. Let us know if updating the device software improves your connection.


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