MiFi 4510L - Default admin password
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I have had a few instances where I was not able to sign into a MiFi with the default "admin" password.  This is happening even after I restore the defaults.  I contacted VZW support on a different issue and learened that some of the newer MiFi's do not actually use "admin" as the password anymore.  His explanation was that the new firmware switches the default password to the Wireless Key on the back of the device.  Something about a 8 character code. 

Well, I happen to be running 2.23 on my MiFi and my default password is still "admin".  I checked the software update page on VZW Support and did not find any new releases.  As of this morning the user guide still states the default password as "admin".  I also checked the auto firmware update section on the MiFi itself but it reported that no new versions were available.

My question to the community is this:

1. What firmware version are you using?

2. Do you have a default password other than "admin" to sign into the MiFi?

  a. Please note I dont need you to provide the password, just confirmation

I have a feeling that if this is true then the firmware is not responsible for it.  Otherwise we would all have problems signing into our MiFi's.

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Hello John Getzke,

I have come across this issue and have the solution for you. First, I would like to confirm that 2.23 is the most current firmware on the MiFi 4510L. Follow the steps below on how to sign in and change the password:

1) Hard Reset the Device

     - With the device powered on, locate the reset button under the battery door on the bottom of the device.

     - Using paperclip, depress and hold the reset button until the LED blinks green one long blink then one short blink.
2) Use the MEID minus the last digit (it`s usually the 0)
3) Once connected, access the mifi admin site: (admin is password)

4) Click on WIFI and change the Network Key to the password on the back of the mifi device. The mifi will reset.
5) Before reconnecting power off the mifi and remove the previous mifi network connection from the wireless network list. It`s under Manage Network Connections in the Network/Sharing Center.

6) Power the mifi back on and connect with the new password.

Let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you,

Lena A.

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Thanks for confirming 2.23 is the most current firmware.  However, I am only concerned about the default router/admin password, not the network key/wireless key/WPA2 key or changing anything to a new value. 

Let's try again.  This problem happens AFTER the defaults have been reset on the device by using the reset button...several times.  The default SSID is displayed.  The default network key allows me to connect to the device and browse to internet sites.  If "admin" does not allow me to sign into the http://mifi.admin webpage what will?


The network key.