MiFi 4510L exclamation point

More than half of the time my MiFi 4510L shows 4bars and the green light.  My computer shows connected but with the exclamation point.


What does the exclamation point actually mean?  Yes I know "limited connectivity" from my computer's connection display, but what condition is the exclamation point actually indicating?


After  a while the exclamation point will go away, then shortly it will return.  Now obviously function is severely degraded while it is on, but at the same time the 4510L's green light often will continue to blink furiously, so something is happening. What is it?


Thanks for any help, from anyone who understands this system.

Re: MiFi 4510L exclamation point
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The exclamation point can mean a few different things but in general it means that your OS is not able to detect a full connection to the internet.  More than likely your computer is trying to ping a website behind the scenes and that website is not responding for any number of reasons.  If you could provide us with your OS we might be able to find more specific information.


I wouldnt worry about it.  If your connection is working then you will be able to browse the internet.