MiFi Global 5Spot

Can someone please help me on this one? We just bought a MiFi Global 5Spot last week. It works fine on my husbands Laptop, which is a Gateway, however, it will NOT work on mine. I have a Compaq that runs Windows Vista (about 2 years old). When we got the device home, I was able to connect 1 time and never since. I updated all drivers and have tried everything. I have read reviews of other people having a similar problem. My question is, can this be fixed, or is it just not compatible with my Laptop? If it is not compatible, we need to take it back and upgrade.


Re: MiFi Global 5Spot
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Hello mindiramage.  I will send you a private message. If you are still having problems, please reply and include your mobile number, your name and a contact number. I will contact you to provide troubleshooting assistance. 


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