MiFi and a wireless repeater???

Easy question: Can I hook up a MiFi2200 to a wireless repeater? Or could I use a Linksys wireless router as a repeater for the MiFi2200? If so, how?


If that doesn't work, here is the situation I'm stuck with:


I have a client that has an existing XP desktop which is using a Verizon Wireless broadband device for an internet connetion (no other broadband available in the area). So he simply connects to it wirelessly and he gets his internet.

Complication starts here. He just got a Windows 7 laptop and needs to share the internet connection of the Verizon device. Only problem is that the laptop is out of range of the verizon device. So, we have a Linksys wireless router that is connected to the XP machine and gives us the range we need to reach the laptop.

My trouble is that I can't get any sort of connection between the two computers. They are on the same workgroup and I have enabled everything in the sharing options on the Win7 machine. My goal is to have the Win7 laptop connect to the XP machine and share the internet connection and printer and files etc...

Here is a diagram of the situation. I've had one person tell me he doesn't think it's possible. But I bet there is a way.




Any help would be appreciated!

Re: MiFi and a wireless repeater???
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This is because you have both computers on completely seperate local networks. (E.G., Computer A is connected to the MiFi's WLAN, while you have PC B connected to the Linksys WLAN, which creates two entirely seperate localnets. The best way around this is to connect both PCs to the linksys AP instead of the mifi, or relocate the mifi to where both PCs are within range.


Another solution you can use is to get a Cradlepoint MBR1000 or similar 3G router and tether the MiFi to it, and connect both PCs to the cradlepoint.

Re: MiFi and a wireless repeater???

Several solutions are available: