MiFi4510L and 4G Service

OK... So I got home this weekend from vacation and found that my home now had 4G service! Great right? I did some speed tests and found I was getting 12 megabit downloads and 256k uploads. I had 3 bars out of 4 for connectivity. It lasted all day Monday. Then Tuesday, I still had it but it had stopped for a few hours. Since then, I haven't even been able to connect to 4G on my device. My Thunderbolt can't connect on 4G at my home either. This makes no sense to me.

So I upgraded the firmware to the 2.28 version and now even my 3G is down from 4 bars to 3 and still no 4G service. This is terrible. How did I connect for 24 hours with 4G getting amazing download speeds and can't connect at that since. I use my Mifi as my home Internet device so 4G was going to be a God send.


Re: MiFi4510L and 4G Service
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Chances are that VZW is testing out the new LTE network in your area and it will be permanently online soon.  Check back through the announcements and the coverage map to see if you are officially listed as an LTE support area.  If its not publicly available it will be soon, hold out until then.

When LTE came to my town it was on and off for a few days before it became reliable.  Soon after VZW made an announcement and we saw the coverage on the map.