Mifi question/issue

So I currently have 2 Mifi's at home and currently I have a issue with one of my devices running extremely slow. Both of these devices are located in the sdame room of the house but one of my MifI's outperforms the other by quite a bit.


Mifi "A" consistently achieves speeds in the range of 1.2 - 1.8m down and 300-600K up


Mifi " B" consistently achieves speeds in the range of 300K- 600K up and 100-200K up


Now I have gone through and done a factory reset on the device, mirrored the config of device "A", completed all firmware upgrades and have pulled the battery numerous times, I even swapped the battery with "A". Granted I don't expect much to change with the battery swap since the majority of the time it stays plugged in.


I have also tried a wide variety of PC's/Laptops and the results never change? Could it be that its just going bad and needs replacing? I have run out of things to try!

Re: Mifi question/issue
Verizon Employee

Hi bfmcvs1,


In trying to speed up the slower Mifi, perhaps you can try checking the devices using the slower Mifi seeing if they are having an impact on the speed. Please try to disable the faster Mifi (power off ) and then use the same devices that you used on that faster Mifi to be used on the slower Mifi to see if its improves response at a faster speed.  This can do a test to help factor in or out the devices being used on the Mifi connections as having an impact on the speed. The data being processed via the connections and memory availability can lapse back to the Mifi device that could affect the speed. Each Mifi device can be different depending on which devices that are linked to the Mifi.