My new 5510L

I just recently got the 5510L Jetpack and the download speeds are insanely low. I am lucky to see it go over 100kb/s. I have 4bars and have taken the Sim card out for a reset and it is still extremely slow. Was wondering if this was happening to other people or if I should do something else.

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Where are you seeing your speed statistics?  I suggest going to a 3rd party site so we can all know what you are talking about.  Try taking the average of three tests from  Post your numbers for us to confirm.

Normal 3G connections should be between 1-3 Mbps for download.

Normal 4GLTE connections should be between 5-12 Mbps for download.

If your device is not able to perform within these ranges or better then it is malfunctioning.  Normally a reset of the device by either pulling the SIM or pressing the Reset button will clear those problems.  Otherwise you will need to contact VZW tech support to investigate outages in your area.  VZW tech support can also replace your device if they deem it necessary to do so.

Re: My new 5510L
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I love being able to have access to internet service when I'm on the go with my tablet or laptop, Vlemish.
We should check some things out in order to see what is going on with those 4G speeds.
Are you in a 4G coverage area?
What is the signal strength on the 5510L? How about the LED indicator? What does it show?

You should also check some settings:
From the top menu click Tools, ensure Work Offline is not selected (unchecked).
When using Internet Explorer® v6 or earlier, click File.
When using Internet Explorer® v9, press ALT F W on the keyboard.
If the menu is not available, press the ALT key on the keyboard.

Once this has been done, please let me know how the speeds are. Also, do you notice if the speeds are better in different areas?

(I also want to provide you with the manual in case you ever need it.)

Tamara H.
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