Need advice on Network Extender Help

    Hey guys, new to the forum and new to Verizon. I just bought a network extender from another verizon customer. He said it was only used once, and when i received it it stil had the wrapping around it. I tried to connect it to the internet and the WAN light is just a constant red. i called verizon tech support, and they thought it was my router not letting it connect. They guided me through the steps to open the ports and other things, but that still didnt work. they told me to contact samsuung  and see if they could help. When i called samsung,they were clueless. they said they could not help me with the product, you would have to contact verizon. (Really?!).

So i went downstairs and connected it to my moden straight-up. AND STILL the WAN light stayed constant red.

Am i missing something here?hahah. I had sprint and had one of their extenders and it worked perfect, no modifications need on the ports or anything.

You guys think the extender is bad?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Re: Need advice on Network Extender Help
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Red WAN LED means that your NE cannot obtain an IP Address.  See page 17 of the NE User Guide for more info:

This means your NE is not playing well with the local network devices like your modem or router (whichever is in charge).  IP Addresses are distributed by the default gateway (DHCP Server) on your network, normally this is the job of the router.  When no router is present the modem will some times act as the default gateway and attempt to hand out IP's.

Sometimes booting your devices in the correct order is all that is needed to clear up an issue like this.  Try alternating the sequence of devices that you boot.  For example try booting the router first, NE second, modem third, etc.  I'd bet with the right sequence you can correct this issue on your own.

Re: Need advice on Network Extender Help
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Hello jschug,

Congrats on getting a network extender! A network extender is the BEST way to improve coverage if you are experiencing any signal issues indoors. May I ask were you able to get the network extender working successfully? If not then have you tried the suggestions that John Getzke provided? (Thanks John)! If you have tried the steps listed and you are still having connectivity issues with the network extender then please advise as I would love the opportunity to get this working for you.

Thank you…

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