Network Extender & Texting Failures

Recently put a network extender in my home and now am almost completely unable to SEND text messages at all.  I'd say roughly 80-85% of the time it fails with an error something like "nwtk fail message not sent". 


1. I still get all incoming SMS messages

2. Before the extender, I had no problems texting outbound.

3. Network Extender = Voice improver, SMS inhibitor??


Have reset the device many times with zero affect on the problem..

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Re: Network Extender & Texting Failures
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I have recently experienced the same thing, except it is handset related.  I used to have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and had no issue whatsoever for 2+ years sending text messages from my home with a network extender.  I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 last week and since doing so have been hardly able to send any text messages.

To test the theory, I walked away from my house just far enough to get out of the range of the network extender and was able to send a text message.  It also seems to be 3G/4G related.  When in 4G mode with poor reception, the text messages aren't going through.  When it drops back to 3G, they go through.  I think Samsung should be able to fix this with a firmware update.