Network extender so unreliable

It just radomly stops working. The system light will randomly begin to blink red. Someitmes happens over night sometimes in the middle of the day. This is rediculous because my house is a dead zone and I had to pay $150 for a piece of s^$t that only works half the time. Don't get me wrong it is nice when it works but it should work all the time. Does anyone else have any problems?

Re: Network extender so unreliable
VZ Employee Emeritus

If your experiencing issues with your network extender, we will need to trouble-shoot for resolution.  You can PM me your contact information so that we may discuss your issues in further detail. We will need to review your area to ensure no issues have been reported with signal or network extenders. We will also have to perform trouble-shooting steps to ensure your device is properly connected to our network and system.