Open unsecured SSID ???

I am offsite and have a bunch of coworkers needing to get online. I went into the admin screens for my MiFi and switched it to Open (unsecured). Unfortunately, my secured setup had broadcast SSID disabled. When i swithched it to Open, i forgot to enable broadcasat SSID and now I cant reconnect..


Does anyone know what that default SSID would be for "Open"?


Is there a factory reset button on the device?


I dont care if I reset the device, as of now I cant get back into the admin panels for it

Re: Open unsecured SSID ???
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there is a pinhole on bottom of MiFi with a recessed reset button.

use a pin to gently hold in the reset button until you see lights blink.

once you reset it, your factory defaults should be back in place.