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Been on VW 5G plan approx. 2 months using PC770 card. I live extremely rural and have trouble getting cell coverage much less any wireless data. I was initially very pleased with signals RSSI  -77 - -88. I have raved about my rural speeds and have had no complaints until now. On Monday 3/1 I was asked to upgrade my device as new networks might be available. Being the unsavvy tech person I am I went ahead and upgraded. Now I no longer receive Broadband Access and I am lucky to get hooked up to Global Access. Anyone experience this and what can I do to get back the once great connection I had. Thanks in advance.

Re: PC770 Update this device
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Where are you at in Northern AR? Where I am right now (in Hardy), I get 3 bars EVDO and 2 bars on 1xRTT. Although I'm using the newer USB760. 



Try running activation again either way.