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Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G
Enthusiast - Level 3

I bought a Pantech 4G USB modem a month ago.  I have never been able to connect to a 4G network.  This is probably because I have not been in a 4G cell area, and this is not my problem.


This problem occurs on two different computers, all the time 24hours a day, every day I have tried to use it for the last month:


The Pantech modem always disconnects within 20 minutes of connecting to a 3G network.  Sometimes, during the connected period, I cannot use any browser  (IE, FF or Chrome) nor e-mail client even though a solid green 4-bar  3G connection is shown in VZAccess Manager.


In contrast, my Novatel MiFi 2200 VZW connects and stays connected for any period of time even more than 24 hours.  I have absolutely no problems with the Novatel  modem.




Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G

Any luck? I have the same problem, except that mine won't connect at all.

Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G
Enthusiast - Level 1

Try the EVDO Forum and the 3G Store Forums !

Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G

I purchased my Pantech UML290 last Dec. and live in a 3G area. I spent many hours on the phone with techs with the issue of disconnections. The issue has not been resolved yet and I am assured from tech support that it will be. This is what I did--I hope it to be a temporary fix-found the instructions online in a forum. I locked it into 3G--"HDR Only (EVDO)". That has worked great for me. PLEASE Verizon --get this issue fixed!---------------See instructions below:


"For the time being, Verizon recommends changing your modem's settings from "global" (AKA "auto", where the modem will search for the best network to connect to) and instead lock it into LTE mode if you are in a 4G area or EVDO/3G mode if you are in a 3G-only area.

Below are the instructions to set your Verizon modem to 4G-only or 3G-only mode:

  1. Open VZAccess Manager with your card inserted, but do NOT connect to the internet.
  2. Hold Control + D on your keyboard
  3. You will be prompted to enter a password. Enter "diagvzw" (without the quotes)
  4. Select "settings" from the menu
  5. In the for "preferred operating mode" section, select "LTE Only" if you are in a 4G area or "HDR Only (EVDO)" if you are in a 3G area, as shown below. This is the only setting that should be changed! Then hit "OK".

Your modem will now only connect to the network you selected. Just remember that you will need to manually change it if you travel to an area where you want to connect to the other network!


Hope this works for you!  PS--I am not using a router.

Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G

I had the same issue with my Pantech USB for over a year and could not get a resolution from Verizon. What I ended up doing on both my Dell laptop and Asus desktop machines:

First UNINSTALLED the Verizon Access Manager (I think that's what it was called - I don't have it installed anymore, so I can't say for sure. It's the software that came on the CD with the modem).

Then I deleted all the network connections from my systems and recreated a new network connection (with the USB Modem inserted)

Now when I insert the USB modem, it attaches via the network connection I created and not the "NationalAccess - Broadband Connection" displayed on the taskbar.

I went from constant disconnects to getting 5 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload speeds (and the modem shows it's connecting at 100 Mbps)

Hope this helps others.

Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G

Re Pantech USB continuously disconnects

I had good PC Card Broadband 3G connectivity in Central Kentucky then switche to 4GLTE Pantech USB. 

Can't maintain a connection to 3G or extended service with the Pantech 4GLTE USB Modem. 

Essentially in the dark just 17 miles from Lexington that should have excellent 3G service according to map and previous experience.  Will try your solution.  Thank you..

Re: Pantech UML290VW continuously disconnects 3G
Contributor - Level 1

Lock the card into 3G or 4G only, you can do this in VZ Access Manager or if you have a CradlePoint router you can lock it into the router.  If all fails you will need to download the Pantech Utility tool from and then you can use the tool to lock the card.