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Anyone else can't log into to register their device? Salesperson had assured me that it would be super-easy to set up my prepaid Jetpack 4150 so I could log into to check usage and pay bill.

I've had this for two months and still wont allow me to log in with my jetpack assigned telephone number.

When I called technical support I was bounced around about 5 times between sales, support and then pre-paid support for cellphones then actual technical support.

I was told that the prepaid Jetpack support was non-existent and they've been having problems with the launch of this product for support users on the portal. Nice.

How am I supposed to track my usage on multiple devices when using this product? 

Why should my only means of checking my status for bandwidth usage should have invlove a 15 MINUTE CALL to Verizon each time to find out?

I am VERY DISSATISFIED with the devices support and if I could get a refund on this device I would.

I mean, who launches a a product with no means of logging into the web to pay the bill or check usage?


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I'll copy over my response in the other thread so that we can continue our discussion here instead:


Incase the online/myVerizon option continues to give you trouble you should be able to check your usage over the phone via the automated options in a minute or two.  That is actually my preferred way to check my usage on the fly.  Below are my archived steps from several months ago, and I havent updated them since I got familiar with the message system.  The steps may have changed but hopefully you get the idea.

Retrieve data stats from Verizon 1-800 number:
1. Dial 1(800) 922-0204
2. Enter the Phone number of the MiFi when prompted
3. Navigate to Balance (option 2)
4. Navigate to Usage (option 2)
5. Enter the billing zip code

6. Navigate to Data Usage (option 3)
7. Listen and record the Data Usage results
8. Hang up