Prevent VZAccess from managing WiFi Connections?
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Since updating VZAccess to the version that came with the MiFi 2200, I have found it very annoying that each time I use VZAccess, it changes the control of WiFi connections to itself away from Windows.


This becomes a pain in that when VZAccess is not running, it doesn't control anything and the Netbook then connects to whatever open WiFi it can find.  I don't want to connect to open unsecure WiFi Networks.


With WinXP control, I can tell it to only connect to preferred networks.


So I have to switch control from VZAccess each time back to the stock WiFi control in XP.


I have not found a way to tell VZAccess to not assume control.


For the most part, I only need VZAccess if I am using the MiFi via USB mode, which is seldom, so its not that big of a deal, but, I'd like to prevent it from doing that if possible.

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I found that if you remove VZAccess Manager from the startup folder under your programs folder, it won't load until you want it to.