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Problems sending email with attachments

This is a long story.  We use a satellite connection at home and in our motorhome most of the time.  We use our air card (USB 760) for special needs and when we are travelling without our motorhome.


The past two weekends I have had to use the aircard.  During that use I prepared some email with various sized attachments (max 1.2 meg).  On the first weekend the email with attachments would not send (Eudora/POP3/Godaddy).  Then I tried a different ISP I have to use for a special assignment (Eudora/POP3/ and it went through. 


When I got back to the house, I contacted Godaddy and they did not find anything in their system that would cause a problem.  During the testing with them, the email with attachments went through just fine (on satellite).  I laid it off to a Godaddy problem.


This past weekend, I prepared another email with a small attachment and it would not send via either ISP.  Then I connected to the motel wireless and it went just fine via Godaddy.


So, all of the testing points to a problem with my Verizon connection.  I have checked and I have the latest software.  The Verizon tech folks have evelated it to see if they can figure out what is going on.


Anyone else have the same problem?  Any thoughts on what the problem might be?


Jim Shepherd

three zero three 478 thirty five zero one.

Re: Problems sending email with attachments
Verizon Employee

Message attachments are allowed in Hosted VZEmail Services using your USB 760 air card. However, to enhance security some attachment types will be blocked and cannot be sent.

  • The blocked attachment types include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • .exe
  • .bat
  • .pif
  • .msi
  • .vbs
  • .com 
Thank you, LatachaM_VZW
Re: Problems sending email with attachments

Thanks for the reply.  The various files that would not send are .doc, .pdf, and .jpg.  There should not be any problems with those files. 


I had hoped to play with the situation this past week, but did not find the time.


Jim Shepherd