Problems with Belkin Router and Antenna Connection

We had a good set-up with a belkin router and wireless antenna, password protected for three computers in our apt, THEN, the log-in screen we had set-up didn't come up, but instead "belkin 54" began coming up as an unsecure connection. Despite trying to go through the steps, we couldn't secure it. Now it seems that someone has taken it over and made it their connection and password locked it. Only the computer that can directly connect to the router can get online. Belkin says that it's a Verizon problem. Does anyone how to resolve this so that we can use the other two computers again?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Problems with Belkin Router and Antenna Connection
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It is not a Verizon problem, it is your problem. The Belkin router belongs to you. You need to reset the router to factory default and set it up again. Make sure you change the default password when your finished.