SCH-LC11 Constantly Loses Internet Access

I recently purchased a new laprtop using Windows 8, and my Samsung SCH-LC11 Hot Spot is constantly losing internet access. This morning, during a conference call, I lost internet access 9 times in an hour! Because I require a reliable internet connection to perform activities related to my business, I need to find a solution to this ASAP. I do not need to know what to do when it happens, I need to know how to make it stop happening. Is there a reliable solution to this problem?

Re: SCH-LC11 Constantly Loses Internet Access
Customer Service Rep

Dear Joeshivell,

Good afternoon. Congratulations on your recent laptop purchase. I know how important it is to have reliable internet connection especially if you use it for business. I would be happy to help and ensure you have consistent internet.

First and foremost what zip code are you currently in? Also try, removing the SIM card from the hotspot and re-inserting the SIM card back into the hotspot. Test internet connection and keep us updated on how it works.

Thank You,
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