SCH-LC11 from Google IO conference

I picked up a free Samsung SCH-LC11 last week at the Google developer conference, and it comes with 3 months of free service. Very nice indeed, I am an Android/iOS developer, and am personally mobile all the time. Since my home Verizon DSL service stopped working last month, probably a house wiring issue, I've considered becoming completely wireless and moving to the LTE service entirely. It is getting great performance in my area.


But for a couple of issues:


1. When this free contract runs out, what are my options to continue service? Am I going to be capped? I need unlimited data for one flat rate. I would like it to be within the price range I have for my current broadband and capacity, like near $40/month unlimited. I also have 3G from T-Moble and it is great, for about the same rate. I would like to consolodate into a single grand unified broadband service. How close can I get to that? I'm sorry if this was covered in the keynote speech or somewhere, but I can find no references.


2. I understand that the spectrum was purchased from the FCC with the provision that Verizon (nor anyone) can not limit the kinds of applications that use the service, except for routine network maintenence, however I can not connect to my company's SIP trunk, and there is really not a lot of discussion why ports are being blocked, that doesn't sound unlimited to me and sounds like a violation of the public trust agreement. Am I mistaken?



Thank you for your comments fine people of the forum!

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I can't answer all of your points, but as to "unlimited" it is not. Usage is not capped, but you can subscribe to several different plans depending on your usage. The highest plan is 10 GB/month, and you then pay per GB after that. Check out the plans on the VZW web site for details.


I haven't tried it with a SIP phone yet, but I have one and will now that you have asked. There's also a problem with VPN; PPTP will not work over the 4G network. From what I have read this is a network problem, not a device problem. Other VPN protocols do work.


Have you checked the port configuration in the admin console?

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Thank you for your inquiry. Adding to what was stated, before the three months expire, if the service is working out for you and you wish to continue, you can request a line of service to use the SCH-LC11 device and use the 4G service that you like to have set up. There are options you can select from to sign up for a new line of service since you already the device. Please feel free to use this link for supporting information to assist you further:

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As far as I can tell, the unit I received was working till yesterday, but today seem to be inop.  It looks like it is just not getting dns, ip from the network although the lights all look normal.  I'm guessing that this was the 90th day.


Now the problem is, I can't seem to get anyone at Verizon that understands and can help me do something like sign up for one more month of data or something.  Also, I should point out that I did not unbox it and insert the SIM card/power it on till just about a week ago, so it appears the date started back at Google IO, not when I first used it.


When I talked to someone at VZW and convinved them it didn't have a phone number, she finally looked it up with the IMEI but said that it was assigned to a group, so she couldn't do anything with it until that group released it.


This does not seem like the way to convince me as a developer that your network/service is a reasonable thing to rely on.


Can anyone help me?

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William, from my understanding, the devices were active when they were given to your which is why you didn't have to do anything extra or call in to activate the device. Once the device is completely disconnected, you can setup service for the device by visiting one of our corporate stores or by calling Sales at 800-256-4646. The devices were activated similar to our store demo phones, so regular customer service cannot access that account. You would need to give the IMEI and SIM card number to the sales representative to setup service in your name. If they find it still attached to the old account, they will need to contact our Employee Concessions Account team to release the serial number for the device.