Security scan 4510L
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I put this in the 4G Forum but not getting any replys. So any body here can help.


 I started out with a SCH-LC11 Hotspot and would go to, then ShieldsUp and do a common ports and all service ports scan. They would come back with all ports stealth and a pass grade. I had problems with the SCH-LC11 dropping the network connection because I am in a area between 3G and 4G and it was trying to go back and forth. I traded it in and got a 4510L since it has the ability to lock in to receive 3G only. Weak 4G in area. When I do the scans with the 4510L it comes back with most of the ports closed instead of stealth, this is not bad but not as good as stealth. Why is this happening? Is it something I should worry about? I also have a WiFiRanger Router I got from the that picks up the hotspot wifi and allows you to run ethernet cable to your computers. I think the scan will not see the router since the hotspot is first in line but will the router make me stealth even though it does not show it. The router has NAT and SPI. Am I wrong about this? Please ask me questions if I have not explained this enough. Just want to know if I should do something since the 4510L is not getting as good of results. Thanks Lynn


Forgot to say I took the WiFi Ranger and connected it to comcast able and the computer and the scan came out mostly closed with a few open ports, so it does not appear to help as much as I like with protection. Anybody know of a better wifi router


I talked to verizon phone support and got no help, did not understand anything about this. If no one knows the answer do you know where I could post to find out. Thanks Lynn53

Re: Security scan 4510L
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Hello Lynn53,


I'm having a difficult time identifying what your request is. Are you able to connect to the internet using your Samsung SCH-LC11 mifi? If not, then we can proceed with additional troubleshooting. From what I can find, the Wifi Ranger router won't have an effect on the mifi, unless you may have connected them in some form. You stated that the router has the ability to pick up the mifi & run an ethernet to a pc. Is this the intended result? Please advise...