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Setting up a mobile broadband network- advice?

I'm looking to establish a mobile broadband-powered network of laptops where I work (a school whose current net access is handcuffed by a restrictive filter). I've got 4 wifi-enabled laptops and I'd like to get them all connected to 3g internet; am I better off getting a 3g modem and then sending that signal out over 802.11 wireless? Or should I buy one usb modem for one laptop, and ICS it to the others? Or am I better off getting usb modems for each laptop- If so, do I need to pay separate service fees for every device?


I'm not sure what the best way to go is here. Any suggestions?

Re: Setting up a mobile broadband network- advice?
There are a few ways to accomplish what you are looking to do. Each device having its own modem would involve monthly access on each device. Also there are several routers on the market that work as a wifi access point using a PC Card or USB data modem, Cradlepoint and Kyocera come to mind on those. You could use ICS to share a connection through one of the laptops, but I would use this as a last resort due to the fact the 1 system would have to always be on and connected for the other laptops to have access instead of just having them all use the EVDO router. Also with multiple computers using the internet connection be mindful of the 5GB cap as the potential for overages is higher with multiple systems using the one data card line.
Re: Setting up a mobile broadband network- advice?
You just want to keep in mind that there is a limit of data that you can use each month and btwn a few laptops 5gb is not much that would be used up in about two weeks or less..... and its .25 cents each mb you would go over from the 5gb... just an fyi