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Steam downloads

I recently moved somewhere where cable is not an option, so went with Verizon Broadband for internet access.  Many of the games I own have been purchased through Steam, and have been downloaded.  With the 5gb download cap, I'm leery on redownloading some of the games after upgrading my computer.  I've heard that some capped services don't count Steam downloads towards the cap.  Can't find a solid answer when it comes to Verizon, so I started a download last night to see how it worked.  I downloaded roughly 1GB of data through Steam, stopped it, and waited until tonight to see what my data usage was.  The 1 GB wasn't counted with VZManager.  I went to the website to look at hourly data usage.  Again, from the 6pm-6am block, there was no download traffic recorded in the sizes I was downloading.  This makes me want to believe that Steam isn't counted towards the cap.  Does anyone know for sure if this is true, before I go and finish downloading my software?  I'd hate to get hit with over-cap fees, even though my data usage doesn't show me going over with this.



Re: Steam downloads
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I don't know the answer, but the Verizon on-line usage can lag several days. Why don't you go to a WIFI spot and download from there?
Re: Steam downloads

I can assure you that the Steam downloads will go against the 5 gig limit.