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Trouble with UM150 USB Modem

Hello, new to the forum.


I have this broadband modem that successfully connected using two devices, my HP laptop (XP Pro), and my Dell Dimension 2400 desktop (XP Home).  Suddenly, it stopped working on the Dell desktop.


When you plug it in to the Dell, you hear the notification "bell" from Windows but it only detects it as a storage device, not a modem. You never get any blue lights on the device.  VZAccess shows nothing.  If you try to reinstall VZAccess, it hangs waiting for the device.


How could this have stopped working?  I do run regular virus and spyware scans but they run on both machines.  

Re: Trouble with UM150 USB Modem

First, check if there's a slider on the device that allows use as modem or mass storage device and is not set as storage.

Check if for any conflicts in device mgr and if Novatel drivers are even there if any conflicts (yellow or black exclamation points) try to select and right click and choose update to update drivers and resolve conflicts


delete and recreate your DUN connections on VZ Access go to tools, network and dial up connections, and delte any in the dun categories showing vz access/natioanl access/broadband access. go back to VZ access and do Options/Run Wizard and click next to recreate the connection.  Then do an Options/Activation again and try reconnect.


if none of the above uninstall and reinstall VZ Access from, make sure choose "WWAN device only" on install prompts and your um15o as the device



Re: Trouble with UM150 USB Modem

If windows was recently updated, updates may have caused a conflict. 


I would suggest to access your device manager through control panel and remove the modem completely.  Restart the computer.  Run the VZ access manager setup again (latest version from and plug the modem in when the software asks.  I see similar issues more with Vista than XP. 


If that still doesn't work, you can try calling customer service and connecting with tech support.  They may have more tools at their disposal. 


Good luck!