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UM150 and XBOX Live

I currently have a Verizon UM150 and connect to BroadbandAccess (Rev-A). I then use ICS to allow my Xbox to connect to LIVE.


But, lately it's really been poor, and I've not been able to actually play. The 5 Gig/month is never really a problem, as I don't play 24/7.


Anyway, where I live doesn't get a very good signal, even with the antenna that came with the UM150. I was wondering if this might be the problem? I have been thinking of purchasing a booster antenna that would boost the signal for my phone, the UM150, etc. Is there any other way that I could improve my connection?

Re: UM150 and XBOX Live

Are you using the Y-adapter cable that came with it that plugs both usb ends(2) into the compuer? This really can boost the signal by supplying the device with more voltage. If you are not sure if you have it, check the box it came in. Also there is an antennae and adapter you can hook into that model that you can get at a vzw store for 19.99 and 9.99(adapter).




Message Edited by usctech on 08-02-2009 01:41 PM