UML290 Usage updates infrequent

My usage does not update often enough. For example, when I connected this morning, the usage showed from my login last night. I connect this morning for about 2 hours, surfed a lot, then logged off then back on. The usage showed my login last night and my usage unchanged. My question is, is there a way I can get more up-to-date info so I do not go over my limit?

Re: UML290 Usage updates infrequent
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I sign into the VZW website to view "live" data updates.  VZW normally only posts updates to data usage about once per hour.  The updates ebb and flow pending on the conclusion of what VZW considers to be a data session.

After a session is complete it will be posted usually within a hour for those in normal full VZW service areas.  Those who connect on roaming/extended service can have quite a lag on data updates.  We are told this has to do with the transfer of data from the tower owners to VZWs billing system unlike when the towers are directly under VZW control. 

VZW also tends to post two different kinds of reports.  An official report that is updated once every 24 hours and an incremental one about once an hour.  The incremental one can flex a little as VZW adjusts for various things but the 24 hour report is generally final.  If you need help navigating around your MyVZW site then give VZW a call and ask for some assistance from a rep.