UML290 and Mac

Has anyone had success using a UML290 and the new v7.2.4 VZAccess Manager connecting to 4G?


When I'm in an area with only 3G coverage, I can connect fine (great) however when in NYC and it tries to connect to 4G I get a Failed: Error Connection message.  Can't connect and I don't even know if I can choose to connect to 4G.


Anyone else?

Re: UML290 and Mac

I have been using the UML 290 with my Macbook Pro since they came out with the drivers for the vzaccess software last month.  I have not had any problems connecting to 4G.  I have been having some other problems with it though. Have you talked to customer service yet? Some of the problems I have been experiencing can be reduced by accessing the settings menu in vzaccess and manually selecting the type of signal to receive.  If I'm in a borderline area, the device seems to get confused and crashes.  If I limit it to only 1xrtt or only 4g depending on area it seems to work better.