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UMW 190 Connection - Dormant XP SP3

Have tried this modem on three different XP SP3 machines - all with the same result.  The card authenticates, takes about 2 minutes to verifty, then reads 'Connected - Dormant'.  The elapsed time stays stagnant, and I get no downstream flow (0 Max RX Rate).  Signal strength was strong on all occassions.


I then took it to a Vista SP1 machine.  Connected in a matter of seconds with full throughput upstream and down - worked like a charm.  Tried putting it back in an XP machine, but with same prior results.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


Re: UMW 190 Connection - Dormant XP SP3......sounds familer

i have a usb760....simular thing happened 2 me on windows7....was fine at 1st now TX/RX rates are mostly flat lining at 0.00 kbps....somethings are ok with it but there are times i have interuptions.......then there is time trying to turn usb on an i get no card inserted (or something like it) message...then i have to remove usb an reinsert it to get it to take