USB 760 issues and info

I have to chime in on the USB760 issues...


1)  ALWAYS SAY NO TO ANY SERVICE OR MANAGER UPDATES!!  each time (three) I attempted to download the updates, my verizon manager stopped recognizing the device, and my laptop didn't see it either!


The only way I found to correct this is to uninstall EVERY aspect of the manager software, including anything that says "broadband driver updates" or Novatel upgrades....if any part is still in your system, your computer won't reload the program from your usb won't even see the device!  In fact, even searching your system information won't bring up the USB760.


2)  Novatel and Windows suddenly don't get along and it causes MULTIPLE error messages on re-install!  Once I have uninstalled everything, when I plug in my USB device, the laptop starts piling up messages about Novatel software not being in some windows programming protocol and do I want to continue anyways.   My system also starts recognizing "new"  individual drivers and devices.  There's about 27 messages to get through before the install completes....this did not happen when I first used this device.  The whole thing makes me very nervous about what exactly I am loading off this device and what is it doing to my laptop?


3)  Connection seems appears that whenever the light on the device is blinking, my speed goes right out the window.   I thought that once you plugged the device in, you were ins and outs?  My phone always has full bars here, so not sure what the connectivity range is for the usb device?


The only way I could get back to normal, though slow, operation was to never attempt any upgrades again.


Thanks....vent over...hope to hear from anyone about possible solutions  : )

Re: USB 760 issues and info
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Think this may have something to do with at least one of the driver files not having a valid certificate.  You may be able to locate the "Expired" certificate as I did on my Win 7 computer to prove the theory. However, there are a couple of options still left for you to try be it extreme.


1.  You could go to the novatelwireless website and download and use the Mobilink3 connection manager.


2. a. You could uninstall the VZAcess manager, restart the computer, go to "Control Panel", Internet Options, Connections and delete the connection listed if it is still there.


b. Click on Start, run (if XP), if Vista or 7 just type run then type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes and press enter.

c. Go back to Internet Options, click Setup, then create a dialup connection and enter only the phone number which is #777, if the setup is asking to direct the connection to a modem, choose the Novatel Wireless modem.


If it requires the username and passwor, use the following method:


Username: "yourphonenumber"

Password: vzw



3. You could unplug the device, go to Control panel, phone and modems, modems and remove all existing Novatel Wireless modems listed, the plug the device back in, note the COM it assigns (which should be as low a number as possible) and then reattempt connection.


Hover your mouse over the green signal bars on the bottom left of the VZAccess Manager and it will display an RSSI number for your signal strength.  Verify that this is a strong signal.  i.e. -78dbm Rev A. 


If it shows both Rev A and National Access, do Ctrl+d (Option+d on a Mac) and click settings, HDR only.  This will only allow the device to connect to the EVDO signal which is the higher data rate packet you desire which may speed you up. 

Be sure to give the device the proper time to reset to the changes.