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Can the USB modem be sharred among say two laptops.  I'm talking with one contract. And if not, Why?



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jumpinjeff wrote:

Can the USB modem be sharred among say two laptops.  I'm talking with one contract. And if not, Why?



If you're simply looking to hand the USB Modem back and forth, yes, that's entirely doable with no problems.


But, if you're looking to connect multiple computers at once, you'll have to get a wireless router.


I'm doing this myself, and I'm getting the MBR1000 Wireless Router ( ).


Seeing as your example mentioned only two computers, the CRT350 may work better for you price wise. ( ). Make sure to check the final price in check out, they're cheaper than the original price displayed. Even more so if you bundle it together WITH the USB Modem.


The USB760 Modem is also free after a rebate, so huzzah for financial winning.


That's what I did and only had to pay about $178 for two products that should have cost me around $350.


Here's a video comparison of the two routers, which is kind of sparse on information but does give you a starting point to think about.


Also, there are two other models listed on the site, check those out and see which one works for you, if you go that route.


I hope I was able to answer your question, I'm still new to all this myself.


Sorry to go on about the router information, I get the feeling my first sentence answered your question. But just in case, or for anyone else that wants to know, I left it in.


Anyways, have a good one,


- Joseph.

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Re: USB760 Sharing
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You can share the modem across two PCs, however there is some complexity. Assuming you use XP or Vista, there is a built-in feature called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). You can dial up the modem, then map an Ethernet port to that connection. Your PC acts as a router/gateway. You then connect your other PC to the first one (using an ethernet crossover cable or connect to a hub/switch). The other PC is assigned an IP address and can connect to the internet THROUGH the host PC.

Using the MiFi device or a wireless router which has the ability to manage a PCMCIA modem is a far more elegant solution, the former being supported by VZW, the latter not.

Google "Internet Connection Sharing" and begin your journey.