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Upgrading to USB 760 = WORST decision
I had an old Sierra USB, it was bulkier than the 760 but at least it worked. The 760 is nothing but a headache, pages take forever to load, want to watch a video on youtube or any other site for that matter... forget it. Don't know if others have had similar issues but I REALLY regret switching devices. Ugh, just had to vent!
Re: Upgrading to USB 760 = WORST decision

I have listed some information below that may help.


1. Try running an activation on the USB 760. To do this launch the VZAM and click on the options tab at the top of the program. Once the options tab is selected, click on the activation selection and wait for the activation to complete.


2. Disconnect your connection with VZAM (if it is connected), and safely remove the USB 760 device from the USB port. Once removed, try restarting the computer.


3. After the restart is complete, plug the USB 760 device back into the USB port and launch VZAM. Once launched, try and connect once again.


4. Try relocating the device. (Something in the immediate location could be affecting the service received). You can also check the signal strength of the device by completing the following:


- Launch VZAM

- Select the Help tab

- Select about VZAM

- Check the RSSI values - 1XRTT (will provide a negative dBm number) and EVDO (will provided a negativedBm number) ***I have listed the approximate range for dBm below:


***The information below is an approximate reading***


-125dBm (no signal)

-100dBm to -125dBm (very low to no signal, approximately about 0-1 bars on a cell phone)

-90dBm to -100dBm (moderate to low signal, approximately about 1-2 bars on a cell phone)

-80dBm to -90dBm (moderate to good signal, approximately about 3-4 bars on a cell phone)

-70dBm to -80dBm (optimum signal, about 4-5 bars on a cell phone)



EVDO would be the desired technology used.



I hope this helps.



Re: Upgrading to USB 760 = WORST decision

Also, you can run netstat from the command prompt and see how many programs have active connections.  The more using the connection, the slower your speeds.  To do this, depends on your OS version.


XP: Start>Run>type cmd, press enter


Win 7/Vista:  Start>type cmd, when the "cmd" appears at the top of the window, right click on it and click "Run As Administrator"


The command window will appear.  Type netstat and press enter.


It will display a list showing your active connections, etc.  If there are more than 10, that could explain the slow speeds. 


Re: Upgrading to USB 760 = WORST decision

i cant get my power to stay on on the 760 device

Re: Upgrading to USB 760 = WORST decision

Can you clarify? 


1. Does the computer go to sleep and the device doesn't power back up?

2. Did you select power off/on WWAN through VZAccess and it doesn't respond?

3. Do you plug it in and no lights, nothing?